Say Goodbye to Memes and Remixes

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The European Union is trying to pass a hotly debated law on copyright. The European Copyright Directive has been two years in the making, and on June 20, the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee voted to approve the draft legislation.

Source: Cnet

Many people from around the world refere Article 11 as the link tax. That’s because social media giants such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc will have to pay taxes every time a user links an article to a publication from the European Union. Article 13 makes copyright laws so strict that fair use would overrule fair use.

As a result, all online platforms will have to filter out all links and material that’s copyright protected. This includes content that’s fair use such as memes and remixed. In response, to Article 13, I’ve decided to post some memes that are against Article 13.


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